OpenView Labs Releases Free Ebook to Help Entrepreneurs to Build their Sales Funnels

Technology companies are always on the look out for new business. The latest ebook from OpenView Labs offers insight on building an outbound prospecting engine.

While startup and expansion stage organizations are always on the lookout for new business, attracting qualified prospects is often easier said than done. The answer is to develop a highly functional outbound lead qualification process, also known as outbound prospecting.

Recently the team at OpenView Labs tackled these critical questions around building a sales funnel in its new ebook: How to Create an Outbound Prospecting Machine. The eBook features checklists and step by step guides for the key roles to help you get started in as little as three weeks and specifically offers insights on the following:

  • Tips for developing a customized outbound prospecting strategy
  • Key ingredients to successful outbound calling
  • Details on the best metrics for tracking your prospecting efforts
  • Additional quick guides for hiring and onboarding your lead qualification managers and team.


Leading sales strategists including Dave Kahle, president of the DACO Corporation; Colleen Francis, president of Engage Selling Solutions; Trish Bertuzzi, president of the Bridge Group; and Anthony Iannarino, president of SOLUTIONS Staffing have contributed unique ideas and insight to help you implement a successful outbound prospecting program.

“Don’t waste time with leads that will never buy. Qualify new prospects into your pipeline while at the same time qualifying others out of your pipeline,” stated Colleen Francis.

Visit OpenView Labs to get your copy of Building the Sales Funnel to benefit an outbound program today.

About OpenView Labs

OpenView Labs is the strategic and operational consulting arm of OpenView Venture Partners, a global Venture Capital fund that invests in expansion stage technology companies. The Labs was formed to assist the management of OpenView portfolio companies build great companies by gathering, creating, storing and disseminating best practices across all functional areas. The dedicated full-time teams, Senior Advisors, and network at OpenView Labs spend the bulk of their time working on behalf of the OpenView Venture Partner’s Portfolio companies. This work includes incubating methodologies, testing approaches, performing research projects, developing and implementing forums and workshops, gathering the best network and ideas for building great companies, and coaching the management of the portfolio companies.