OpenView Labs Releases the Ultimate Guide to Corporate Blogging

Boston, MA – Do you know what is stopping you from having a successful corporate blogging initiative? Have you set the right goals for your blogging program? Do you know who should be responsible for blogging?

Recently the team at OpenView Labs tackled these critical blogging questions and many more in its new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Blogging. The new eBook features checklists and step by step guides for the key roles to help you get started in as little as two weeks. (Visit OpenView Labs to sign up now).

Blogs have evolved. At first, they were a forum for individuals to express their thoughts. Then, CEOs and other executives started blogging in an attempt to establish themselves as thought leaders. Now, corporate blogs give every member of the team a voice and an opportunity to contribute. A corporate blog provides a forum for your company’s leaders and employees to discuss topics of interest to your target prospects and customers and the people who influence them.

A corporate blog consists of many individual blogs, each written by different employees or departments within your company and can also have a summary company blog that incorporates all of the individual blogs.

“Blogs written by your employees are important in many ways including generating leads through search engines, helping build your brand by demonstrating your team’s culture and expertise, and give your sales team a valuable vehicle to better connect with target prospects, customers, and key influencers,” said Brian Zimmerman, Managing Director of OpenView Labs.

Industry experts including Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, Joe Pulizzi of Junta42, and Jonathan Kranz, author of Copywriting for Dummies, have contributed unique ideas and insight to help you implement a successful blogging program.

“We must sell our expertise. We must do so by providing consistently valuable and compelling content to our prospects and customers. In doing so, we must leverage the greatest marketing assets we have (our employees). This presents both challenges and opportunities. And corporate blogging is one huge opportunity,” said Joe Pulizzi.

Visit the OpenView Labs to get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to Corporate Blogging to start and improve your blogging efforts today.

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