Prognosis Health Information Systems Adds Jay Colfer to Executive Team

Houston, TX – Jay Colfer has been appointed Executive Vice President of Client Solutions at Prognosis Health Information Systems. In this position, Colfer will lead and manage sales, marketing and business partner development efforts as the company continues to expand across the country.

Colfer, who will be based in Atlanta, brings more than 25 years of healthcare information technology sales, marketing and operations experience to the role. He most recently served as Senior Vice President of North American Sales for Eclipysis. He has previously held sales and executive positions with McKesson and with other information technology companies that serve healthcare providers.

“Prognosis, with its innovative, advanced technology, is in a position to help providers realize all of the care and operational benefits associated with electronic records. I am excited to become a part of such a forward thinking company—especially at this time, as Prognosis is helping so many community and rural hospitals in their pursuit of meaningful use and the resulting incentive funds,” Colfer says.

Prognosis offers a suite of web-native software solutions that are built from the ground up to meet the clinical, financial, and administrative needs of rural and community hospitals. ChartAccess® Comprehensive EHR, for example, provides clinicians with a complete view of patients and their data to support better clinical care.

The system is designed to overcome many of the commonly cited obstacles to EHR implementation including cost, usability and workflow obstacles. For example, the EHR offers the user-friendly features that are apt to lead to quick user adoption. In addition, screens that mimic e-mail interfaces make it easy for medical staff, even those who are technology resistant, to utilize the system right out of the box. An iPhone application even makes it possible for clinicians to view and process orders from their cell phones.

“The demand for our solutions has been growing exponentially as more providers are finding out that we offer the technology and support that can help them expeditiously realize the clinical care and financial benefits linked to EHRs. We have successfully built our company by serving the needs of small, rural hospitals—and we will continue to concentrate on meeting the needs of these organizations. At the same time, we are ready to offer our unique technology to providers of all sizes across the country,” says Ramsey Evans, CEO at Prognosis. “That’s why we are so excited to tap into the experience of an industry veteran like Jay Colfer—someone who can truly help healthcare organizations, both big and small, bring their EHR visions to fruition with our ground-breaking solutions.”

About Prognosis

Prognosis Health Information Systems, Inc., aims to improve the quality and safety of patient care in America by providing highly affordable, functional and usable information systems for hospitals. The Houston-based company, which was built by leveraging the healthcare industry experiences of a business software vendor and a medical records service and software provider, offers the information technology, service and support that makes EHR success a realistic goal for all healthcare organizations. Prognosis offers ChartAccess, a Comprehensive EHR developed by clinicians that makes it easy to afford, use, implement and maintain an electronic health records system. For more information, go to the website.