Prognosis HIS' New EHR Applications Offer Higher Performance Charting and Optimize Physician Rounding

Prognosis Health Information Systems, the leading provider of enterprise solutions for integrated electronic health records (EHRs) and financial systems for rural and community hospitals, today announced the availability of two major enhancements to its ONC-ATCB 2011/2012-certified EHR.

ChartNotes™ in Prognosis HIS’ EHR provides nurses, physicians and departments such as dietary, physical therapy and laboratory with easily configurable, intuitive templates that standardize documentation, improve productivity, increase the timeliness and accuracy of patient data, and enable instant enterprise-wide data sharing. In addition to standard data, users can enter free text and dictate entries. Clinicians using the extremely intuitive configurability can easily adapt existing templates or create new ones that align with their workflow, individual preferences and organizational needs without additional technology or other resources.

Data entered into ChartNotes automatically populates all relevant fields within Prognosis HIS enterprise solution. This ensures all health care professionals have real-time access to the most current patient information and eliminates the need for time-consuming, repetitive data entry. The data is also incorporated into flowsheets (e.g., to graphically track vital signs) and Prognosis HIS’ Meaningful Use (MU) Scorecard™, which tracks a hospital’s progress toward meeting incentive requirements. A graphical reminder appears on the template if MU data is required so omissions can be addressed while the patient is still hospitalized. As part of Prognosis HIS’ Web-native EHR solution, authorized clinicians can access and enter data into ChartNotes 24/7 from any location on a computer, tablet or other Web-enabled device.

“I recommend that other nurses use ChartNotes because it’s faster,” said Tiffany Sellman, R.N., education / occupational health / infection control, Oklahoma Surgical Hospital in Tulsa, Okla. “Charting takes time away from our patients, and nurses don’t like that. Many of our nurses prefer ChartNotes because it is just easier to use.”

The Physician Rounding Tool increases physicians’ time with their patients by providing a high-level patient summary view. This helps physicians prioritize patient care for the day, focusing first on those deemed most critical. By having instant access to this up-to-date data during their daily rounds, physicians can review medications and their status, radiology and lab orders and results, and vital signs. They can also easily sign off on orders from their mobile device.

“The rounding tool has a lot of what we are looking for,” noted Sellman. “When I showed it to physicians on the iPad, they said that’s what they really want. They liked seeing key trends over time. Tools like this are what they use to make treatment decisions.”

“Our latest EHR system improvements support our mission to offer community hospitals the easiest-to-use, complete clinical solution that eliminates many of the common frustrations and challenges encountered during deployment,” said Ramsey Evans, CEO of Prognosis HIS. “Our clients are dedicated to delivering outstanding patient care second to none in their communities. That keeps all of us at Prognosis HIS motivated to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and functionality ideally suited to meet their needs. Helping nurses and other clinicians chart faster and more efficiently and equipping physicians with innovative tools that increases their productivity are just the most recent examples.”

To request a demo of ChartNotes and the Physician Rounding Tool, click here.

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