Project Management Software Company AtTask, Announces Launch of UK Website at

As a leading provider of project management software, AtTask has announced the launching of its website in the United Kingdom. After great success in the United States, AtTask has branched into European markets and continues to expand into the global market as an innovator of project management.

AtTask software is designed to empower each individual member of a project. It creates a forum in which each person plays an important role in controlling his or her tasks. Through AtTask’s Team Home page, individuals are encouraged to manage their own tasks and workload within a community environment. This gives the team an opportunity to share completed and future task status, rather than relying on passing, undocumented conversation. Managers now, literally, have everyone on the same page.

AtTask’s Team home page provides visibility for managers to see the progresses made by each area and each person. The information provided by the empowered employees is gathered on a centralized page, presenting an accurate collection of completion progress. The information is translated into an interactive Gantt chart, which enables all to see the efforts of individuals reflected on the overall timeline of completion. This provides visual specifics of which issues need to be addressed in order to proceed with efficiency. The documented time, cost, comments and completion percentage is neatly laid out in a production chart built almost entirely from the workers on the “ground floor.”While similar products also contain features for success, AtTask offers the interaction that allows the entire team a picture of their role in the desired end result and an ownership in reaching that goal.

Team members can use AtTask’s “Stream” as a way to post and comment on each task at hand. This gives managers a sense of what is really going on. It becomes a way for the team to communicate openly to give the full story of the progress made or obstacles encountered by providing feedback to the group or a manager. Tasks can then be delegated and/or reprioritized accordingly. Time and work flow management are not only emphasized, but made interactive amongst the team members. Each person has ownership of their task management as well as a full spectrum of the efforts of other areas.AtTask software strives to prove that empowering individuals leads to solutions.

About AtTask

As an innovator in project monitoring software, AtTask is focused on the strengthening of the individuals that make a team and the team that completes the assignment. AtTask software is designed to work the way people work, with emphasis on the level of commitment and involvement of each individual driven to a common goal. AtTask continues to distribute a product dedicated to those working to understand, organize and take pride in the work that they do.