PROMISE Introduces Acronis Backup & Recovery Server OEM Bundle with VessRAID 1000 Series

PROMISE Technology, a leading supplier of sophisticated RAID storage solutions, today announced the Acronis Backup & Recovery Server OEM software bundle program with the VessRAID 1000 Series storage systems. Designed to increase data services coverage for the SMB storage product line, the program features a single, free-of-charge license for use of the software when the license server is installed on the host machine to which the VessRAID storage system is attached via FC, iSCSI, or SAS connection. This innovative bundle also provides an upgrade kit for users to purchase additional unlimited licenses to allow unlimited number of backup client installations.

The Acronis Backup and Recovery Server (ABRS) OEM for VessRAID 1000 Series is a customized 3rd-party software solution that provides easy-to-use disaster recovery and data protection for physical, virtual and cloud environments. This special software build will detect the VessRAID device presence during the installation process and provides limited data backup and recovery functions compared to Acronis’ standard ABR10 Advance Server software.

“For SMBs today, backing up and protecting data is still not an easy task. Technology can be complex and daunting. With the OEM bundle, both Acronis and PROMISE are committed to provide SMB users an easy-to-use and affordable solution for the protection of their digital assets,” said Acronis APAC President Bill Taylor-Mountford.

“The bundle makes client application backup and restore easy for SMB users when used with our VessRAID 1000 Series, providing improved user convenience and enhanced data protection features that greatly benefit all our VessRAID users,” said Alice Chang, CMO, PROMISE Technology. “The strategy of our storage business is to deliver storage products that help customers run mission-critical business applications better and this is what we are doing now.”

Core features delivered in the OEM build include:

  • Acronis Drive Snapshot
  • Multi-volume Snapshots
  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Support
  • Backup Scheduling
  • Bootable Backup Media, and
  • Individual Files Restoring from Image or Bare-metal Restoring.

For customers who want more advanced features of the software, the ABRS OEM for VessRAID 1000 Series can be upgraded to regular version ABR10 Advance Server with fully enabled capabilities. The ABRS OEM build provides an upgrade in the graphic user interface where users learns upgrade details from Acronis or visit the direct web upgrade link at for purchase.

For businesses that had already purchased, just purchased or about to purchase the VessRAID 1000 Series storage systems, the Acronis single-license software is available through distribution in the form of a physical CD bundle or web download for implementation. The upgrade kit is available only through the PROMISE global network of authorized distributors and resellers.