Reality Digital adds MP3 Streaming Support to Video Platform

San Francisco, CA – Reality Digital, Inc., a leading provider of white-label social media for brands and agencies, today announced support for the streaming of MP3 files in its online video platform, Reality Digital Spotlight™. The enhanced capability enables Spotlight customers to easily manage both audio and video assets from one interface and stream high-quality music tracks, audiobooks, podcasts and other audio files to any online property in embeddable custom players. In addition, customers can monetize MP3s, the leading format for sharing music and audio tracks, with ad insertion and socialize audio content with in-player comments and ratings.

Major highlights of the upgrade include:

  • Streaming Audio – Stream MP3 files at multiple bit rates using adaptive bit rate technology for high-quality audio experiences
  • Copyright Protection – Automatic protection of MP3 file streams against piracy
  • Mixed Media Playlists – Combine both video and audio clips in any playlist or library
  • ID3 Metadata – Collect and display track info and cover art from ID3 meta tags
  • Social Audio – Integrate and associate user comments and ratings directly in the player for each audio asset
  • Audio Asset Monetization – Serve ads or commercials against music tracks and audio files, in addition to video clips, in any playlist

Monetization of online video content is a perennial topic, but little focus has been paid to monetizing audio content. With Spotlight’s built-in ad insertion feature and third-party ad provider integration, customers can monetize both audio and video assets and choose from audio and/or video ads to run alongside content. This flexibility will enable businesses to maximize ad revenue on all media assets should they choose to run advertising on their Spotlight account.

“Consumer and enterprise brands create content in multiple formats and we’ve seen an increase in demand from customers looking to deliver audio as well as video in a protected format,” explains Randy St. Jean, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Reality Digital. “Music and audio streaming has been a popular media capability in our social media platform for several years, but more and more customers were asking us to add audio to our management and distribution platform. We’re excited to introduce streaming audio to Spotlight and enable businesses to publish and monetize branded audio content on their own terms.”

Spotlight is a video social media platform that manages, distributes, monetizes, analyzes and socializes a library of video, and now audio, content. Spotlight delivers high-quality media to websites, intranets, blogs and other online properties by embedding customizable players and digital libraries. Spotlight is built on Reality Digital’s core Opus social media platform and is available as a standalone distribution platform or as an integrated social media solution from Reality Digital.

To sign up for a free 30-day trial of Spotlight, or for more information on the online video platform, please click here.

About Reality Digital

Reality Digital, Inc. is a provider of enterprise-scale, white-label social media solutions. The company’s comprehensive family of products and strategic services enable global brands and agencies to socialize digital content and deliver more relevant and engaging community experiences to their customers. Reality Digital provides the building blocks needed for companies to manage, publish, distribute and monetize rich media on the web. Since 2003, the company has leveraged its core expertise in digital video to help leading global brands in media, entertainment, sports, travel and retail to drive brand recognition and deeper community involvement through social media. Reality Digital has offices in San Francisco and London. For more information regarding Reality Digital, please click here.