Reality Digital Announces Spotlight

San Francisco-based Reality Digital on Tuesday launched Reality Digital Spotlight, a white-label broadband video management and distribution platform. According to the company, Spotlight is an SaaS-based platform that eliminates the need for technical or video expertise and that makes it easy for businesses to:

  • Maintain a social network for video or channel campaigns, via built-in comments, ratings and social distribution links.
  • Develop new revenue models and generate incremental revenue on their library of professional content via video advertising.
  • Distribute videos in playlists or through a brand’s library of content.
  • Accept user-generated content through an upload API.
  • Configure its media player designs and user interface to their own brand specifications.
  • Analyze their video and playlist performance, in order to gather feedback on content programming and ensure relevance to their customers.
  • Obtain affordable, unlimited access to all features, regardless of how much or how little is streamed.

Reality Digital bills Spotlight–which competes against offerings from Brightcove and Ooyala, among others–as “highly scalable and stable” and as enabling the publication and delivery of high-quality video to any Web site in less than 15 minutes. The company is stressing the new platform’s “socialization tools,” which it says are located “directly in the player” and are designed to “execute viral campaigns and build communities around a brand’s digital media library. As video distribution becomes more commoditized,” Reality Digital’s promotional materials for Spotlight continue, “Spotlight’s key differentiator is its social approach to video distribution, which allows businesses to glean greater insights into the impact of their video assets through the ability to pull content and comments back and get feedback from various communities.” According to the company, the new platform enables businesses to 1) create a “micro-community” around their video content, allowing users to add comments and ratings, while also sharing content with other users; and 2) utilize a feedback mechanism that lets them “publish [their] content across different destinations but provides a centralized location for administrators to see and evaluate that content’s feedback.”

“Our expertise in media management stems from the hundreds of social media initiatives we have deployed for some of the world’s most recognized brands,” Reality Digital co-founder and CEO, Cynthia Francis, said in a prepared statement. “This experience has helped us develop a keen understanding of what it takes to ensure a successful project. Our customers often want a single vendor that can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for all their video management and community needs. We developed Spotlight to complement our current social media product line so that our customers could easily manage, distribute and socialize their video content from one vendor, while making their brand more relevant and interactive to their consumers.”

Spotlight customers to date include McNeil/Lehrer Productions. Reality Digital says that Spotlight pricing is based on usage and consists of a monthly platform fee that includes storage and a bandwidth delivery fee.