Reality Digital Shines Its Spotlight on Video Distribution

Does Video Scare Your IT Dept?

The thought of building a system to manage, distribute and sell video content must be pretty scary for the smaller (or even larger) company. But, as with CMS systems, there are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions for those with video content they need to distribute or sell but without the skills, hardware or budget.

Reality Digital have been in this market for some time, serving enterprise and global brands. But, its new Spotlight system enables any company with internally created (up to HD quality) or user-created video to set up their own store front, manage the content and distribute it. Playlists can be used to help corral and order content.

As well as handle the basic store functions, Spotlight can help add social elements (comments, recommendations and linking) to help build awareness, buzz and interest in content.

User content can be uploaded via a simple API and can be moderated for content while comments can be checked by a profanity filter to keep the conversation palatable.

Control the Broadcast

Naturally, Spotlight can help syndicate any content to YouTube, the massive media gorilla in the room, providing a massive potential audience. But, Spotlight can also help create a custom video player, with branded designs and interface to help a company build its own engine.

Income can be generated by selling the video content, running adverts before a video is played as well as integrating with common advert networks.

On the admin side, content owners can monitor the hits, sales and performance of pages and video content. A full range of metrics and custom reports are available.

A 30-day trial is available to test the service out and pricing starts at US$ 1,000 a month for 100GB of storage.