Relevance is Key in Social Media Engagement According to Reality Digital

San Francisco, CA – The relevance of the content within brand social media marketing campaigns is a key factor in their success in engaging the right audiences according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of online community software solutions for brands and businesses.

Many businesses can often be tempted to move away from content that appeals directly to their core demographics as a method of broadening their scope of users and appealing to new audiences. Although this can be a great way of growing the number of consumer fans of a brand, Reality Digital has indicated that businesses must also be aware that the existing audience was established through the use of relevant content in social media and that broadening the scope of content may have adverse effects.

Some fans may opt to leave if they discover that a brand is no longer servicing them with content that is relevant to them; the content that they originally subscribed to. It is the core audience that is more likely to share content with their peers due to its probable relevance to them, and as such, brands should focus on fulfilling the needs of their key audiences before widening the breadth of their outreach efforts.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Although many brands using a social media presence to support their marketing strategy are targeting their users with some great content that they can directly relate to and engage with, some often try and broaden the subject areas of the content they use as a way of trying to diversify their appeal and grow the user base.”

“It is important that in this process, the new content always retains some element of relevance to the core audience, lest they risk losing such fans by going off on tangents.”

Reality Digital is a leader in the social networking software industry, providing brands and businesses with a means of building brand focused social networks and empowering them to engage with the end consumer.

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