ScriptLogic: Announced Comprehensive Desktop Management Solution

Boca Raton, FL – ScriptLogic® Corporation (, a leader in network administration software for Microsoft® Windows®-based networks, today announced the availability of Desktop Authority® 7.0, which adds desktop hardware and software inventory, role-based administration, a fully customizable reporting solution and power management. Additional enhancements in the 7.0 release include administrative auditing, real-time spyware detection and removal, patch management for third-party products, and new patch, spyware and user activity reporting. IT personnel at companies of all sizes use Desktop Authority, ScriptLogic’s comprehensive desktop management solution, to secure Windows networks and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) with functionality to proactively configure, manage, support and inventory desktops from a central location.

With the new enhancements, Desktop Authority now combines the enterprise features companies rely on in a desktop management solution while providing a granular level of control not seen in other solutions.

According to a report by Forrester Research, a “crucial step” for any enterprise is “implementing an integrated client management tool suite that can provide software deployment, discovery, patch management, and security configuration management.”

Desktop Authority is the only desktop management solution that allows for centralized, granular control in one management console for desktop configurations, hardware and software inventory, spyware removal and patch deployment, remote management and other features. The power behind Desktop Authority is its patented Validation Logic, in which the product’s policy engine applies settings and configurations based on attributes of the user of a given machine, its location, and/or many other characteristics.

“Desktop Authority 7.0 is a highly effective desktop management solution that satisfies enterprises needs, including c-level challenges such as compliance and security,” said Brian Styles, founder and CTO of ScriptLogic. “Desktop Authority is unique among other management solutions because it comprehensively deals with the longest segment of the desktop lifecycle – the management of desktop configurations – as well as providing comprehensive, centralized patch and anti-spyware management functionality.”

New Benefits of Desktop Authority 7.0

Chief among the new features is comprehensive inventory management reporting capabilities that detail machine type, operating system, installed applications and hundreds of other characteristics across an enterprise. For example, IT administrators will use this feature to check whether desktops have insufficient hardware resources for new application deployments.

Desktop Authority 7.0 includes other flexible administration options. For example, enterprises can now assign role-based administration rights – allowing the solution to be configured so administrators at different locations can only affect their local environment. Combined with audit reporting on administrator activity, CIOs can now create multiple levels of authority for greater security and accountability, and they can more efficiently manage growing enterprises with multiple offices, as regional administrators are delegated control over their spheres of operation.

“The 7.0 release of Desktop Authority required a Herculean effort from ScriptLogic’s product development team and support staff,” said Jason Judge, CEO of ScriptLogic. “They worked night and day to deliver a world-class solution. ScriptLogic’s passion for perfection hasn’t changed since day one. We listen closely to our customers and continue to provide pioneering solutions that increase the productivity of IT professionals. Desktop Authority 7.0 is the perfect example of this.”

One of the many new features of Desktop Authority 7.0 is the power management function, which allows administrators to establish power saving settings for both desktops and laptops, and granularly push out the settings using the patented Validation Logic technology. By configuring power management across the enterprise, companies can allow for energy savings, cooler offices, and, in some cases, increased equipment longevity.

The new version of Desktop Authority includes other features that allow the product to extend its reach into the largest enterprises with demanding security requirements. Users can now produce reports on the status of spyware removal and patch deployments, and they can utilize real-time spyware detection and removal. IT administrators can import Group Policy templates (.ADM files) for greater flexibility in managing Windows applications and desktop configurations. Any registry-based setting affected by Group Policies can now be managed by Desktop Authority.

“Desktop Authority 7.0’s enhanced reporting functionality gives an IT staff the ability to generate a detailed list of all hardware and software inventory and create accurate budgetary forecasts while ensuring software license compliance,” said Jeff Skelton, Regional technology services manager, Time Warner Media Sales. “That, in addition to daily desktop management and server/desktop remote assistance, makes Desktop Authority an electronic ‘Swiss Army knife’ for an IT support staff.”

Pricing and Availability

Desktop Authority 7.0 is available immediately. A free 30-day evaluation of this product and all software solutions from ScriptLogic is available at The product is priced on a per-seat basis with volume discounts available through ScriptLogic’s global network of reseller partners. ScriptLogic Enterprise and Desktop Authority customers with current maintenance agreements will receive a complimentary upgrade.

Desktop Authority includes specific feature sets, such as the Spyware Removal and Patch Deployment for Desktops, which are available by 12-month subscription.

About ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic Corporation is a worldwide leader in network administration software for Microsoft Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic’s award winning suite of desktop, server, and Active Directory management products help empower network administrators to proactively save time, increase security, and maintain regulatory compliance. More than 16,000 customers use ScriptLogic solutions to manage approximately 4 million desktops and 90,000 servers. ScriptLogic solutions benefit any size network in any industry. ScriptLogic is a privately held company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Reach ScriptLogic at (561) 886-2400 or on the Web at