Slingshot SEO Reviews ExactTarget Connections 2011

The company dedicated to providing digital relevance for deserving brands, Slingshot SEO reviews the recent ExactTarget Connections 2011 conference, held in Indianapolis.

The three-day event, held as an annual user conference for ExactTarget clients and partners, attracted more than 3,000 attendees and featured more than 50 breakout sessions ranging from interactive marketing best practices to case studies and advice on how to build engaging interactive campaigns across email, social media, mobile and the Web.

Slingshot SEO participated as a proud sponsor of the event. As a participant in the event lineup for the week, and presenting a case study with Angie’s List, the Slingshot staff found true value in its involvement with Connections. Slingshot SEO gave rave reviews on Connections 2011.

“Scott Dorsey and his team at ExactTarget set out to inspire, educate and entertain — and they 100% delivered on that promise,” said Aaron Aders, Slingshot SEO Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder.

“Nobody puts on an Internet marketing conference like ExactTarget. No contest! The Connections conference was nothing short of breathtaking and over the top, both in content and entertainment,” Jeremy Dearringer, Slingshot SEO Chief Research Officer and co-founder, said.

“I found out just how valuable our partnership with ExactTarget is by virtue of the activities and contacts made at their conference,” Jay Love, Slingshot SEO CEO, said. “Then to top it off, it was truly fun!”

“ExactTarget Connections 2011 was masterfully executed with keynote speakers, compelling breakouts, great company, and after hours events that kept us wanting more,” Kevin Bailey, Slingshot SEO President and co-founder, said.

Brian Tomey, Slingshot SEO Enterprise Account Executive, said, “ExactTarget’s Connections 2011 — ‘The Power of One’ — will be remembered as ONE of a kind! Remarkable brands, fantastic content, and outstanding entertainment.”

“ExactTarget greatly impressed me with their lineup of presenters, speakers and empowering leaders,” Courtney Logel, Slingshot SEO marketing associate, said. “Aron Ralston shared one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard in a long time. His story demonstrated not only the power of one individual’s will to live, but how the power of many, and of love, can truly save a life.”

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