Small Local Business Gains a Large Voice

As President of Medical Billing Services & Solutions, Bob Nichols has been awarded the honor of serving on the Kareo National Advisory Board.

One of fifteen members selected nationally to provide feedback and improvements to one of the highest rated medical billing software companies in the United States, Nichols has been recognized for his 20 years of expertise, knowledge, and success as an owner of a medical billing company.

Upon the opening of his second successful medical billing company in March 2010, Nichols started using Kareo, the web-based practice management and medical billing software, due to the rapidly changing environment of the medical billing industry. Studying daily to keep up with industry changes and to continue as an expert in his field, the Kareo client relationship naturally evolved into a partnership as well. This relationship now consists of a monthly conference call with company figureheads and approximately 15 other appointed board members to discuss system feedback, improvements, and billing issues and trends. Kareo has also made Nichols a spokesperson for the rapidly growing company by featuring his video testimonial on the Kareo YouTube channel which can be seen at on the homepage. With medical practices facing upcoming government regulations such as the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Nichols also lends advice and updates to medical practitioners through his company’s website and blog located at

Re-opened in 2010 in Chesapeake, Virginia, Medical Billing Services & Solutions offers full service medical billing and EHR consultation to medical practices throughout the Hampton Roads region. For more information on this company and the medical billing industry visit or call 757-842-4500.