Social Media Integration and High ROI Make E-Mail Marketing Services a “No Brainer” According to Info-Tech Research Group

A recent E-Mail Marketing Services Vendor Landscape report published by Info-Tech Research Group ranked Silverpop and ExactTarget as Champions in the E-Mail Marketing Services market.

Advances in consumer tracking, segmentation, and marketing automation by E-Mail Marketing Services have elevated success rates for email marketing campaigns to a very high level.

“E-Mail marketing technologies have evolved from point solutions into comprehensive systems that allow organizations to integrate with social media campaigns, track consumer behavior and engage current and potential clients with tailored and customized interactions,” said George Goodall, Senior Analyst with Info-Tech Research Group. “With these advancements the average ROI of e-mail marketing initiatives is a striking 256% and only 4% of users report that no benefits are attained.”

Silverpop has established a strong reputation in the e-mail marketing space by offering a wide variety of options and value-added services. Silverpop has some of the most advanced features available among the vendors evaluated. Silverpop’s Engage 8.3’s functionality and value catches the eye of high profile clients such as Red Bull, Cisco and BBC.

ExactTarget was also listed as a Champion in the report. They cater to small firms as well as large and have intensive e-mail users among their client list such as Expedia and Groupon. Scoring well in the advanced features category and having a low cost associated with the product means enterprises with an ambitious e-mail marketing plan and a modest budget will appreciate their offering.

As usage of social media tools with consumers rises year over year, integration with social media becomes the new frontier for E-Mail Marketing Services. Lyris, Experian CheetahMail and Yesmail were highlighted as Innovators in the market, surpassing other vendors in social media integration capabilities. Lyris offers an intriguing iPhone app to govern marketing campaigns as well as options for both in-the-cloud and on-premise solutions. Experian CheetahMail has a large global footprint and uses platform-agnostic technology, allowing for easy integration with loyalty programs, CRM platforms, and analytics programs. Yesmail offers the ability to integrate with social media, build landing pages, and nurture leads through the cross-channel marketing platform.

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