Social Media Now a Core Factor in Business Expansion says Reality Digital

With social media now one of the most popular aspects of daily internet usage, a business can use social media’s global reach to expand their horizons according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of social networking software for brands and businesses.

Social media lowers many geographical barriers that would previously have hindered expansion. Businesses can now connect with audiences from across the globe with ease, creating a much broader spectrum of people to target. Social media profiles and content can now be seen and shared from anywhere on the planet, thereby offering businesses significant opportunities to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Businesses must therefore utilise social networks to enhance their online reputation and interact with a much broader range of consumers in a diverse range of locales. New users are signing up to social media sites on a daily basis, thereby increasing the number of people for the business to target at a similar rate. If businesses want to fully optimise their digital marketing, a move onto social media sites is imperative.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Social media is now an integral part of many peoples’ daily routine, and as such it is as important as ever to utilise social media within brand marketing strategies. Social media provides a perfect platform for businesses to reach out to a new generation of potential customers.”

“The global reach of social media effectively allows brands and businesses to tap into new markets that would be much more difficult to reach with more mainstream marketing tactics. As such, social media marketing has the potential to significantly accelerate the expansion process.”

The Reality Digital Opus™ is highly customisable white-label online community software that provides businesses with the social networking capabilities needed to enhance engagement and interaction with their online consumers. The social media platform also presents businesses with a number of user management and monetisation tools, allowing them to optimize revenue generation around their social network and enhance return on investment.