Social Media is of Vital Importance in the Customer Services Realm

San Francisco, CA – When it comes to customer services activity, the use of social media has grown significantly in importance according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of social networking software for brands and businesses.

The rapid increase in consumer adoption and usage of social networks has resulted in brands making the most of these networks as crowd sourcing tools, but such presences also carry significant risk of consumer backlash. As such, the incorporation of customer service functions and escalation processes has become equally if not more important than the engagement process, with research from Euro RSCG worldwide indicating that around one in five consumers are likely to lash out at brands online.

Whilst a constant output of high quality content for the benefit of consumers is one of the best ways for brands to improve their reputation online, the implementation of customer services abilities in social media is becoming just as important in the this process too. Reality Digital’s Head of EMEA, Robert Proctor, explains:

“When it comes to social media marketing, modern consumers more often than not prefer to be engaged with online, and this certainly pertains to customer services activity too. The internet has provided consumers with a platform from which they can extend and amplify their voice, and as such, brands need to attend to customer services efforts in social media with the same fervour as with marketing. One must only look as far as the United Airlines scenario with Dave Caroll to see why.”

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