Sound Formula For Small Business Success Is Helping Larger Businesses

A key advantage of small companies is ease at quickly adjusting to market demands. Having a dynamic web presence is a typical example of how many smaller enterprises thrive.

Zmags started in 2006 as a new business helping large operations maintain vibrant web campaigns that function on various platforms.

Zmags recently raised $7,000,000 of new funding from investors, which brings its total outside capital acquisition to around $20,000,000. No longer a small business, Zmags was recently named by Deloitte as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in North America for 2011. Revenue growth since 2006 is reported at 1,730 percent.

Clients of Zmags include Kenneth Cole, Express, Tesco, and more than 2,500 other companies in 50 countries. The services of Zmags entail the design of marketing and merchandising campaigns with consistent attributes across multiple channels. Among the marketing avenues used are social media, mobile apps, and e-commerce websites.

Zmags sees plenty of expansion opportunities for media rich online merchandising, especially with mobile apps and social media platforms. According to the company, its product called CommercePro causes as much as a 500 percent increase in page views and more than a 40 percent increase in order size.

Retailers using CommercePro are reportedly experiencing doubled conversion rates. CommercePro enhancements are aimed at integrating transactions directly into digital merchandising and catalog paths.

The new capital infusion for Zmags is targeted for expansion of the company’s global reach.