South Carolina MSP Uses Intronis’ Online Backup to Provide Three-Prong Business Continuity Coverage

When Cantey Technology, a South Carolina-based managed services provider (MSP) and technology consultancy, works with its SMB customers, it strives to deliver a three-prong insurance policy when it comes to backup and disaster recovery (BDR).

By layering file imaging and off-site local backup with Intronis’ online backup solutions, Cantey Technology has each of its clients well prepared for the unexpected and ready to recover their data within hours.

“We do a BDR assessment with every client, and we ask them straight out how much data loss they can handle. We’ve never once had a customer say they can tolerate any loss, so then we go right on to talk about backup,” explains Derek Iannelli-Smith, consultant and service desk manager for Cantey Technology.

The solution provider’s three-prong approach turned out to be lifesaver for one customer when a corrupt file nearly brought their HVAC business to a grinding halt.

The customer relied heavily on its customer relationship management (CRM) tool, which was built off an Access database that Cantey Technology backs up with Intronis every evening. Luckily, when the database image recently went haywire, Cantey Technology leveraged Intronis to quickly deliver the most updated version of the data back to its customer. In fact, it took Iannelli-Smith only about 10 minutes to restore the data – using his smart phone while he was pulled over in a parking lot.

“The ability to identify the correct data, restore it in a matter of minutes and get our client the most current data file for their business was a great save for us, and even better for our client,” he says. While the other BDR solutions in place would have supported the data restore, having the capability literally at his fingertips to access that data yielded a much quicker response and recovery. “We try to achieve a two- to four-hour recovery window, and Intronis plays a significant role in achieving that,” says Iannelli-Smith.

“By providing us with a reliable, valuable value-add solution for our customers, Intronis has enhanced our reputation in the business community and that has helped us add recurring revenue, increasing our revenues as well as the size of our customer base. It is an essential add-on for all our managed services contracts, across all of our customer demographics,” says Iannelli-Smith.

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