Spredfast Launches Spark, Powering Marketing in the Moment

Spredfast, the most comprehensive social marketing platform, today announced Spark, a new tool that empowers brands and media to keep a pulse on in-the-moment trends and conversations on a global scale.

Marketers can discover, inspire, and engage with consumers by weaving relevant, trending content into brand stories. With the addition of Spark, the Spredfast platform continues to move forward and redefine the social marketing industry.

Spark enables marketers to uncover more moments that matter across social, and unleash the ability to engage in opportune, real-life conversations. In-moment marketing content boosts conversion rates by twenty six percent, while forty nine percent of consumers reported feeling more positively about a brand after exposure to in-moment marketing, according to data from eConsultancy and Monetate.

“The speed and relevancy with which brands must engage their communities makes it imperative that enterprises strategically adopt real-time marketing,” said Rebecca Lieb, analyst at Altimeter Group. “To do so in an impactful and scalable way requires enormous preparation and having the right technology in place.”

Spark was developed for brands and media companies to tune into timely moments and conversations the minute they start. Designed with three key elements: discovery, inspiration and engagement; marketers can move beyond social listening and take action by curating and sharing authentic, relevant content across social channels all in one platform.

“We’re hearing from customers all the time, there’s a gap in the market for a product that allows them to identify the right opportunities to engage and take action immediately,” said Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast. “With Spark, we’re filling that gap plus some, by giving marketers a solution that includes discovering more moments to market, personalized trending alerts, content-creation inspiration and creative engagement. We are truly empowering our customers to market at the speed of life.”

An easy-to-use dashboard allows customers to customize, view and analyze a snapshot of the entire social story about a topic. Users can personalize topics and set up notifications that may impact the company at any moment in time. Spark also identifies brand ambassadors, events, followers, and competitors. Whether marketers take action on a one-to-one (a Tweet or retweet) or one-to-many (launch a new social experience across multiple channels) level, users never have to leave the Spredfast platform.

“With Spark, we have the ability to listen to what our audience is saying, and then find creative opportunities to engage around topics that interest them.” said Sarah Bove, Interactive Strategy Associate at Nestlé Dryer’s Ice Cream. “Spark is a game-changer because it not only allows us to surface conversations, but also enables us to chime in on lifestyle moments that inspire them.”

The integration of Mass Relevance products into the Spredfast platform has given marketers an unmatched suite of tools, transforming the way in which brands and media companies actively communicate with their audience. The launch of Spark demonstrates Spredfast’s continued commitment to offer solutions that easily fit into a marketers world by providing the ability to listen, discover, take action, and inspire in one platform.

About Spredfast

Based in Austin, Texas, Spredfast gives marketers the tools needed to manage their brand and connect with consumers in an increasingly social world. The Spredfast social marketing platform allows marketers to manage, integrate and amplify social content across any digital touch point in real-time. The solutions offer brands and media access to every piece of social data submitted in order to uncover conversations that matter. Spredfast customers manage over one billion social connections across 84 countries and have the power to process 650 million pieces of social content per day in multiple languages. Over 600 customers, including all five major broadcast networks and fifty percent of Interbrand’s 2013 World’s Best Brands have partnered with Spredfast to create first-class social experiences. For more information, visit www.spredfast.com .