Tafford Uniforms Nurtures Cutting Edge Marketing with “IT Developer Avoidance Tool”

In the latest of a series of customer success stories, Monetate, a vendor of choice for testing, targeting, and personalization for e-commerce websites, reveals why one client has dubbed Monetate the “IT Developer Avoidance Tool” (www.monetate.com/customer-story-tafford).

“Tafford Uniforms is a great example of an innovative and forward-thinking online retailer that is using the Monetate marketing platform for more than A/B testing and traffic segmentation,” says David Brussin, founder and CEO of Monetate (www.monetate.com).

According to Tafford’s VP of Marketing, David Kaplan,

“When we use Monetate to test site content we call it the ‘IT developer avoidance tool’ because we avoid the expense and effort of getting IT to deploy marketing content or features, only to discover they don’t move the needle enough.”

In the customer story published today, Kaplan also praises the way that Monetate’s full support client relationship works:

“Having a regular meeting to touch base with our Monetate account manager is a huge plus for us,” says Kaplan, adding “The way that the Monetate team shares learnings and best practices with us makes them almost an extension of our team.”