Testing, Testing: Infographic Explains Marketers Should Run More And Better Website Tests

Launching or relaunching a website might seem like a fine time to kick back, congratulate yourself on your hard work and awesome design, and move on to the next thing while your site inevitably amasses hits and click-throughs.

Not so, according to this infographic ecommerce technology company Monetate has put together. Using data from Econsultancy’s 2011 Conversion Rate Optimization Report, Monetate underlined the correlation between healthy online business and frequent testing of a website’s functionality and presentation.

One key stat: “Companies that are happy with their conversion rates do, on average, 40 percent more tests than those that are unhappy.”

Frequent testing of navigation, layout, call-to-action buttons, checkout functions and a handful of other factors can discern more easily what their customers respond to, what they’re not paying attention to and what sort of online experience suits what specific audience, according to the graphic. And while the stats say 75 percent of businesses that run tests on their sites do so one to five per month, Monetate suggests daily testing. Check it below or on the Monetate blog.