The Daily Start-Up: OpenView adds Advisor

After a year on the job, Groupon’s president and chief operating officer, Rob Solomon, is stepping down. Solomon said he decided to leave after consulting with Groupon’s founder and chief executive, Andrew Mason. Since Solomon joined the company, it has grown from 200 employees to about 6,000 and needs “a much different type of operator to take it to the next level,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

The success of companies such as Groupon, Facebook and Twitter, illustrate how hard it is for governments to foster entrepreneurial activity, Steven Davidoff writes at DealBook.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act did not “kill” the IPO market for venture-backed companies, Fortune’s Dan Primack asserts, fueling an argument that has been going on for years. As The Daily Start-Up noted yesterday, the IPO market for small companies was a subject of discussion at a Treasury Department event. Kate Mitchell, chairwoman of the National Venture Capital Association, brought some slides to illustrate the state of the market. Find them here.

OpenView Venture Partners has a new advisor, content-marketing guru Joe Pulizzi. The author of Get Content, Get Customers will work with the Boston firm’s OpenView Labs to help its portfolio companies build and support content-marketing strategies.