The New AtTask Calendar View Brings Order to the Chaos of Work

Every enterprise team is driven by deadlines to prioritize their work. However, most enterprise environments lack any visibility into the pace and timelines of the work in queue and in progress, which ultimately leads to missed deadlines and confusion.  AtTask has made it easier for managers to bring order to the chaos of work with the all-new AtTask Calendar View.

Teams that require sequencing of work, such as marketing organizations and IT teams, try to guide their work with basic calendars that often create additional challenges, including:

  • Too much information stored in too many places
  • Valuable time wasted constantly updating multiple calendars
  • Confusion when items are entered incorrectly or forgotten altogether

“The AtTask Calendar View eliminates the need for team members to maintain multiple calendars that require significant support time,” said Eric Morgan, CEO of AtTask. “Enterprise teams can now focus more on their work and let the Calendar automatically populate all the data they need for visibility into any level of the work pipeline.”

AtTask combines the unique calendar with social collaboration, document management, and enterprise work management to help enterprise teams easily build and maintain a single source of truth.

“The Calendar View displays the work in such a way that I can easily communicate to anyone what our department is working on that week or that month, ” said Kathleen Livingston, VP Marketing Operations, PVH Corp Marketing Department. “Whether I’m sorting by brand or by business division, current work and delivery dates are plotted on the calendar for at-a-glance understanding. Data filters easily click on and off, so I can layer data up or down, for a broad or narrow focus. The calendar display makes the department’s workload so much easier to see. Everyone can read a calendar.”

The AtTask Calendar View brings visibility and collaboration to enterprise teams by allowing customization and unification across teams in a single, centralized place. With AtTask Calendar:

  • A Calendar for Every Need—Calendars can be created for an individual, a team, executives, clients, customers, etc. Each calendar can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse, and because it is built on data, it is always relevant.
  • Share current information with anyone, anywhere: AtTask Calendar Views dynamically represent data, ensuring that they are always up to date. To share a calendar, just name who in your organization gets to see it. And to share with external users, copy the URL and send it.
  • Say goodbye to information silos: Information is easy to find because it is in one place for the whole team to see.
  • Eliminate busy work:  AtTask Calendar Views are automatically updated with the dates associated with the tasks found in AtTask so enterprise teams can use their time focusing on getting projects finished on time and not entering due dates.

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AtTask is the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions for enterprise teams. This provides a single, central place to better manage and control the chaos of enterprise work, which improves visibility and productivity by eliminating wasted time dealing with fragmented, siloed tools and processes. With AtTask, teams, managers and executives receive visibility into work planning, prioritization, resourcing and sequencing to help everyone work more efficiently toward achieving the organization’s goals. AtTask has a broad range of Global 500 and other enterprise customers, such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, ESPN, 3M, and Trek. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @AtTask.

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