Here are some of the top digital health CEOs according to reviews on Glassdoor

Digital health CEOs are constantly in the news talking about the role they are playing in shaping healthcare reform. But what it’s like working for these guys? And as the healthcare landscape shifts and consolidation moves from healthcare facilities to digital health companies, how will CEOs stand up to that pressure and lead their employees?

Rock Health compiled a list based on Glassdoor ratings by employees on whether they approved of their CEOs and included additional comments characterizing their management style and company culture. Rock Health’s list focused on companies with 20 or more reviews. This is based on findings from earlier this month so some of these may have changed. I tweaked the list based on ratings that had been updated since Rock Health compiled the numbers.

There were a few common themes running through the positive ratings: a positive company culture, supportive and smart team members, opportunities to grow. Although Glassdoor comes across a little like Yelp, since it’s probably not too difficult to sway the positive (or negative) reviews, the strengths and shortcomings often shine through. I’ve added a few to Rock Health’s list based on complaints from its Facebook page that CEOs at some companies like Meditech, Cerner and Kareo were overlooked.

I also noted when the CEO rating had been updated, when listed.

Evolent Health CEO Frank Williams came out on top with a 98 percent approval rating (Oct 21)

Castlight Health CEO Giovanni Colella, 95 percent

athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush, 89 percent (Oct 23)

Fitbit CEO James Park, 88 percent (Oct 3)

Kareo CEO Dan Rodrigues, 88 percent (Sept 16)

Veeva Systems CEO Peter Gassner, 88 percent (Oct 16)

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, 85 percent (Sept 7)

Cerner Neal Patterson, 78 percent

Epic CEO Judy Faulkner, 75 percent (Oct 23)

ZocDoc CEO Cyrus Massoumi, 75 percent (Oct 23)

Meditech CEO Howard Messing, 74 percent (Oct 25)

HealthTap  CEO Ron Gutman, 64 percent (Oct 21)

Practice Fusion CEO Ryan Howard, 63 percent