Tropicana Launches 'Juicy Rewards' Loyalty Program

Tropicana is the latest CPG brand to launch a loyalty program with the objective of adding value and building direct relationships with their consumers. The program offers incentives through a points-based system for purchases and touts 20,000 reward options from partner brands such as adidas, Harrah’s, Coleman, and TaylorMade.

The loyalty program represents one of the largest marketing investments ever by PepsiCo in the Tropicana brand. Points are awarded by entering under-the-cap codes at the Juicy Rewards Web site.

Marketing for the launch involves TV spots, product packaging, print and digital executions, as well as social marketing through blogs. Andy Horrow, Tropicana Chief Marketing Officer had this to say about the program:

“I don’t like to think of it as a marketing campaign, but as a platform that supports everything we’re doing. It’s a great way for us to get our customers engaged and our retailers excited.”

This is a bold initiative for the Tropicana brand and they had 10,000 consumers registered in the 3 days prior to the actual launch of their marketing push. We will definitely keep an eye on this program and report back on any roll-out results.