Turnkey DIY Alternative for Online Focus Groups

uSamp’s New SampleMarket 2.0 Panel Access Platform Serves Up Millions of U.S. Survey Respondents for GutCheck’s One-on-One Moderated Research Chats

ENCINO, Calif. (January 24, 2011) – uSamp, one of the world’s fastest growing technology and online sample companies, announced today that it has teamed up with GutCheck, an innovator in online qualitative research, to provide the automated delivery of screened and qualified participants for moderated, online qualitative market research studies.

Powering the partnership is uSamp’s recently announced SampleMarket 2.0, the next generation of its market-leading sampling platform, which offers real-time, self-service access to uSamp’s U.S. proprietary panel of more than three million screened and vetted survey respondents.

GutCheck provides a breakthrough alternative to traditional market research focus groups, creating an entirely new way for companies to access their target markets instantly and effectively. An online qualitative research tool, GutCheck connects businesses, agencies and marketers with research participants supplied by uSamp’s panel, for one-on-one chat interviews that produce valuable insights while eliminating the timelines, costs and potentially imbalanced group dynamics associated with conventional focus groups.

“There’s no better match-up than uSamp’s meticulously screened panel featuring millions of highly engaged individuals, and its technology leadership that created a powerful collaborative tool like SampleMarket 2.0,” said Matt Warta, co-founder and CEO, GutCheck. “This winning combination is why we selected uSamp to provide the online participants for GutCheck’s one-on-one qualitative research chat interviews.”

“uSamp has an entrepreneurial culture that permeates all levels of the company,” Warta said. “When you have a groundbreaking technology like ours, it’s industry innovators like uSamp’s Matt Dusig and Gregg Lavin who understand the vision and get on board. They’re transforming the online delivery of participants for quantitative research and now, with GutCheck, the same can be said for qualitative research.”

GutCheck enables users to set demographic- and custom-screening questions, along with geo-targeting preferences, to recruit target audiences ages 18 and older from within uSamp’s U.S. panel. Once a qualified respondent is identified, GutCheck conducts a secondary validation to ensure the individual fits the desired profile. Confirmed within minutes, the respondent is placed in a queue, ready to be interviewed in a one-on-one chat interview session. The private and anonymous chat interview setting allows the respondent to speak freely, while the user can control the online conversation through a chat guide prepared in advance. Access is provided to the interview transcripts for later analysis and collaboration with colleagues.

“GutCheck is an ideal complement to SampleMarket, as both bring a do-it-yourself platform to anyone who wants to collaborate more powerfully with customers,” said Matt Dusig, co-founder and CEO, uSamp. “Together, the result is transformational: a turnkey DIY alternative to focus groups. Not only does this obliterate barriers of time, cost and access but it also enables considerably more people to gather market intelligence in real-time. It’s a very exciting time for the industry, and we’re delighted to be partnering with GutCheck.”

uSamp’s SampleMarket 2.0 is the next step along an evolutionary path to fully automated delivery of market research sample, harnessing technology to expand the marketplace for quantitative research — and now, with GutCheck, for qualitative research as well. The platform makes it easier for market research firms, businesses, organizations and even individuals to create and manage research projects online — from concept testing to attitudes and usage, and volumetrics. uSamp offers collaborative solutions throughout the lifecycle of a studied service and product. The full featured API provides the seamless integration of SampleMarket 2.0 with users’ own products and technologies to drive panel access within their own website, application or administrative tools.

About uSamp™

uSamp (uSamp.com) is one of the world’s fastest growing technology and online sample companies, providing global survey panelists and an innovative sampling platform for use in market research. uSamp develops collaborative market research tools to foster more rewarding, profitable relationships between organizations and the people they serve. Founded in 2008, uSamp acquired DMS Insights in June 2010 from AOL and now has 160 team members worldwide and approximately 4.7 million global market research panelists. The company’s web-based panel platform is transforming the management and delivery of online panel for market researchers, offering unprecedented access to online panelists. uSamp’s deep well of proprietary technologies includes SampleMarket™, PanelNet™, PanelShield™, Opinion Place® River and real-time Panel Book Search— cutting-edge solutions for accessing, branding, sampling and managing panels. uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with offices in Dallas, London, New Delhi and Trumbull, CT.

About GutCheck

GutCheck provides agencies and marketers with instant access to their target market through a DIY web application where  they can affordably capture qualitative insights in a matter of minutes. GutCheck is a privately held company, backed by Highway 12 Ventures, Village Ventures and several notable entrepreneurs from the market research industry. GutCheck is headquartered in Denver, Colo. For more information visit the GutCheck website.