Ultimate Guide To Corporate Blogging

According to content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi of Junta42, marketers are all publishers now. Traditional advertising might not work for every type of audience anymore. Instead of interrupting targets with your messages while they are watching TV, listening to the radio, or searching the Internet, content marketing is all about providing relevant, timely, and valuable content to them instead. Content marketing is steadily becoming more popular among B2B and B2C companies alike.

A corporate blogging program can be a great way to launch a content marketing strategy for your organization. This unique form of blogging involves not only the CEO or CMO of an organization, but includes every employee in the content development efforts of the company. Some reasons CMOs might consider launching a corporate blogging program in their companies are many: to boost brand awareness, increase thought leadership, generate new sales leads, better communicate value proposition, supply the marketing department with content to repurpose, make all of their employees customer-centric, and explain their  culture to their audience.

In this free e-book (registration required), OpenView Labs details what’s involved in setting up a corporate blogging strategy, including best practices, likely hurdles, and a C-level checklist.