UnboundID Significantly Improves Ease of New Customer Sign-Up and Authentication With New Product Features

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

UnboundID, the world’s only proven Web-scale Customer Identity Management Solution to deliver one, common customer profile with unlimited scalability and 5X the performance of legacy products, today announced the release of Identity Data Platform version 4.6 featuring social log-in and advanced, multi-factor authentication. These new features significantly reduce the number of opt-outs during new customer acquisition and provides additional data to a consumer’s profile. Unlike other existing solutions, UnboundID customers will now be able to populate their customer profiles with preference information from the very first customer touch point.

“The use of social identities has fast become a preferred user registration method,” said Lori Robinson Research VP at Gartner. “In today’s digital world, consumers have grown tired of registering on websites and remembering yet another username and password. Social login allows consumers to log in to a website using social network and email identities that they already have.”

The latest version also includes a capacity prediction toolset to help prepare UnboundID’s customers – some of the world’s largest telecommunications, financial services and cloud service providers – for the coming boom in Customer Identity Management (CIDM) needs. In comparison to legacy Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) where a company might need to deal with upwards of 100K separate identities, the next wave in CIDM will necessitate companies manage millions of separate identities – highlighting the need for true Web-scale Identity Management solutions.

“Consumer Identity Management will be one of the most important business and strategic investment areas of the next decade,” said Steve Shoaff, CEO of UnboundID. “Identity data is not only the key to improving customer experience and engagement, it’s the connective tissue between the biggest mega-trends in IT today. Internet of Things, Master Data Management, Big Data and CRM are all inherently identity data challenges. We are excited to help lead this transition to a truly customer-centric way of doing business with UnboundID’s Consumer Identity Platform. With UnboundID, customer data-rich organizations can fully realize the full value of this data without sacrificing customer security or privacy.”

Key Feature Sets in the 4.6 Version of the UnboundID Identity Data Platform:

Social Log-In – Lowers the barrier to customer acquisition and improves new customer experiences by supporting “Login with Facebook” and any other OpenID-Connect (OIDC) or external identity providers. Linked identities, supplied by identity providers, populate important customer information to user’s existing or new local account and captures attributes provided by those external identity providers (e.g. Facebook connect) to augment and enrich the consumer profiles for each individual customer.
OAuth2 Externalized Authorization – Unlike traditional role-based access control (RBAC) and XACML-based policy-evaluation tools, the Identity Broker is designed to make high-volume and high-speed authorization decisions based on ever-changing consumer profile and consent data. Functionally, the Identity Broker is both the Policy Decision Point and the OAuth2 provider for externalized authorization.

Capacity Predictive Toolset – UnboundID has packaged the expertise and tools developed while deploying over 750 million customer identities to provide the best customer experience at the largest scale required by today’s web and mobile properties. It is critical to be able to monitor, control, and protect system performance in detail and in real time. Even with today’s common virtual machine and cloud deployments, cost-based trade-offs between storage, RAM, and processing capacity are essential to ensuring the best use of capital. The measurement and planning tools provided with the UnboundID product suite allow procurement and operations teams to determine the optimum system characteristics for a given deployment size, data set and mix of operations.

Top Features from 4.5 Version Adding to Value of 4.6 Version:

Identity Broker Resource Server – In addition to its current role as a Policy Decision Point, the 4.5 Identity Broker acts as a data server and is able to filter out attributes and records based on an individual customer’s recorded consent, preference and privacy settings. The data filtering feature also enforces corporate, regulatory, and industry specific rules about what access is permitted to what data under what circumstances, and by which users and systems.

Unified Profiles – The updated UnboundID Identity Platform, the Identity Broker, will include significant new “resource server” functionality – the first product in its class to support Policy Enforcement Point and Policy Information Point functions, in addition to being a Policy Decision Point. The Identity Broker will also be able to combine attributes from multi-vendor, multi-technology data stores into a Unified Consumer Profile, and will be able to limit the data to only what is authorized for a given request.
OpenID Connect – Applications may now leverage the UnboundID Identity Broker for verifying authentication credentials using the OpenID Connect standard protocol, making it possible to centralize the management and enforcement of user credentials for use by any internal or third party application — and allows an UnboundID customer to become an Identity Provider to external and or internal applications and services.
Consent & Privacy Dashboards – The Consent Dashboard intended for marketers and CMOs, reveals consumer consent behavior and allows the business to validate the results of opt-in / opt-out programs. Strategically, it provides information about the organization’s right to use consumers’ data for additional purposes and new lines of business. The Privacy Dashboard, intended for CSOs and the security and audit teams, shows which specific attributes are being shared to which destinations, and which client applications (or partners) are asking for more than they are allowed to receive.

About UnboundID Corp.

UnboundID is a leading platform provider for identity data, enabling companies to dynamically manage, protect, and share customer data in real-time across cloud, mobile and social applications. UnboundID solutions help companies increase average revenue per customer while significantly lowering their costs for service and application delivery. UnboundID is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas, and is funded by Silverton Partners and OpenView Venture Partners. For more information, visit http://www.unboundid.com.

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