uSamp and AYTM Partner

Online sample provider uSamp and DIY online research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) have partnered to make uSamp’s panel of more than 1.7 million US survey respondents available to AYTM clients.

The partnership is driven by uSamp’s SampleMarket 2.0, which offers real-time, self-service access to its panel.

AYTM’s platform enables users to drill down into a panel of millions of US consumers to find their ideal research respondents based upon psychographic and demographic characteristics. Users can then use the tool to design their own survey of up to six question types, with routing, images and video.

‘AYTM has opened an entirely new niche for businesses that previously lacked the access, expertise or budget to conduct market research,’ states uSamp co-founder and CEO Matt Dusig. ‘We share that sensibility with AYTM – that the boundaries of market research are now expanding to encompass businesses of all sizes and complexities.’

Lev Mazin (pictured), CEO and co-founder of AYTM says the partnership makes projects of virtually any scale feasible on his company’s platform.