uSamp™ Unveils Groundbreaking Panel Management Platform

Powerful, Web-based Solution for Panel Management Incorporates SampleMarket™, PanelNet™, PanelShield™ and Real-Time Panel Book Search Technologies

ENCINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–uSamp™, one of the world’s fastest growing online panel companies, today announced the introduction of a web-based panel management platform that simplifies the delivery of online panel for market research. With a suite of breakthrough proprietary technologies and more than one 1.5 million active panelists globally, uSamp ( offers market researchers and brand managers unprecedented access and control over their panel management and sample requirements.

“BuzzBack is continually searching for the best possible online experience for our panelists as well as up-to-the-minute information that will enable us to leverage the panel on behalf of our customers — and that’s why we’ve chosen to work with uSamp and its groundbreaking panel management platform”

The company’s announcement comes on the eve of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)’s 56th Annual Convention + Expo, in New York, March 22-24, where uSamp will exhibit (Booth #507) and provide demonstrations of its new panel platform.

Implementing a suite of pace-setting technologies, uSamp’s online platform includes SampleMarket, a one-stop software solution for panel project management that enables clients to work more efficiently with their panels, and PanelNet, a tool to build private label online panels customized to meet the specifications of any worldwide brand.

uSamp’s platform also includes PanelShield, a complimentary web-based system that provides cutting-edge fraud protection to maintain project integrity, as well as the company’s Panel Book Search feature, which gives clients easy access into uSamp’s deep panel profiles in real-time.

“We are redefining what a panel company does,” said Matt Dusig, co-founder and CEO, uSamp. “Our platform revolves around automation, creating a user experience that is unprecedented. With uSamp’s platform, market researchers now have a one-stop solution for managing all their online panel needs, whether they have their own panel or want to create one. They can access the highest quality panelists anytime, anywhere, with our seamless technologies and easy-to-use interfaces. This is the future of online panel for market research.”

Inside Research has reported that $4.2 billion is spent in global online research per year and, according to the Rockhopper Research Industry Trends 2009 report, “Rather than reaching ‘homes’ through telephone and surface mail, researchers are increasingly trying to reach individuals wherever they gather through their cells and social network sites.”

“BuzzBack is continually searching for the best possible online experience for our panelists as well as up-to-the-minute information that will enable us to leverage the panel on behalf of our customers — and that’s why we’ve chosen to work with uSamp and its groundbreaking panel management platform,” said Kevin M. Kelly, Chief Information Officer at BuzzBack, a full-service online market research company headquartered in New York. “Our branded panel is what sets us apart, and uSamp’s platform gives us the means we need for optimal access and management of it. This is a perfect fit for our commitment to innovative technologies that meet consumers online and on their terms.”

“We’ve created a world-class platform that offers much more than panel management tools,” said Gregg Lavin, co-founder and president, uSamp. “We’re serving as our clients’ partner in market research by providing superior panel management software, private label panels or our own global panel, real-time panel search functions, and the next generation of data quality protection. It’s the whole operation, and this comprehensive platform is all about simplifying panel delivery. It’s the culmination of the vision we have had for the panel industry, and it’s what we’ve sought to accomplish in building uSamp as a technology panel company.”

Breakthrough Online Panel Technologies

uSamp’s embrace of both technology and transparency has resulted in proprietary software-as-a-service online solutions that takes the delivery of panel for online research surveys to the next level.

SampleMarket offers a powerful solution for panel management, acting as a one-stop-shop for working more efficiently with a panel. It allows market researchers to import their panel or create a new one, query their database, control rewards and e-mail invitations to panelists. SampleMarket delivers project flexibility and control by providing access to projects that are live, paused, closed or completed — all in real time. It also lets managers see how many panelists will qualify for a survey before creating a new project, giving direct access to all demographic, geographic and profile data needed to achieve the exact panel desired. SampleMarket includes project management tools that make the project more transparent while optimizing efficiency.

PanelNet gives market researchers and brand managers the ability to create an online panel for their own use without the cost and complexity of building a website, managing server infrastructure or developing a custom software solution. Each private label panel site can be fully tailored to meet the exact specifications of any global brand, with a look and feel that matches the brand – even as uSamp provides the underlying site hosting and security. uSamp serves as the client’s “behind the scenes” technology partner, from recruiting panelists globally to hosting the panel in any language and rewarding respondents in the local currency or in any virtual currency.

PanelShield is a web-based application for managing data quality across multiple panel sources to validate the integrity and accuracy of online data, filtering out unwanted and duplicate respondents. Available at no charge from uSamp and compatible with any online survey software, PanelShield offers an interface simple enough to eliminate the need for technical integration. The product creates a unique ID for each respondent to prevent each from bypassing the fraud prevention technology, without collecting personally identifiable information. PanelShield identifies duplicate respondents, those who speed through surveys, validates a respondent’s country across a database of global IP addresses, identifies respondents’ true geographic locations, and tracks professional survey takers based on clients’ selected criteria.

Panel Book Search is an online tool located on that enables clients to search uSamp’s panel book and profiles in real time, unlike traditional panel books, which need to be printed and are obsolete on arrival. uSamp’s Panel Book Search delivers results in a table format by questions-and-answers, enabling market researchers to identify and review panelists’ profiles qualified around nearly any subject.

Since its launch in March 2008, uSamp has built a global proprietary panel with registered participants from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Top segments include automotive, B2B, entertainment, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, information technology, telecommunications, travel and youth.

uSamp’s proprietary online panel has surpassed 1.5 million active, registered survey panelists, and continues to grow at a rapid rate, with more than 7,500 people registering to join the online panel every day. The level of member activity remains high, with more than 50,000 visits daily to uSamp’s survey websites.

About uSampTM

uSampTM (, formerly United Sample Inc., is one of the world’s fastest growing online panel companies, providing survey panelists and technology for use in market research. Founded in 2008, uSamp has 90 team members worldwide and more than 1.5 million global market research panelists. The company’s web-based panel platform is transforming the management and delivery of online panel for market researchers, offering unprecedented access over their panel. uSamp’s deep well of proprietary technologies includes SampleMarket™, PanelNet™, PanelShield™ and real-time Panel Book Search — cutting-edge solutions for accessing, branding and managing panels. uSamp’s platform eliminates fraudulent, professional and duplicate survey takers while giving market researchers access to highly responsive, hard-to-reach panelists across any niche demographic, from just about anywhere in the world. Established by the creators of the renowned goZingTM online panel, uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with offices in India, Connecticut, London and San Francisco.