Version 7 of Open-E’s Data Storage Software Now available

Today Open-E introduces the new and eagerly awaited version 7 of its Data Storage Software to the international market.

As one of the most important storage operating systems for medium-sized companies, with more than 27,000 installations worldwide, the software is now available with a new key feature: the Active-Active Automatic Failover for iSCSI. With this Open-E DSS V7 is even better suited for virtualization and strongly focuses on cloud.

Active-Active Automatic Failover for iSCSI is a critical Data Storage management functionality used for high availability, cloud storage, business continuity, storage for virtualization and many other solutions. Open-E DSS V7 is responsible, not only for data security, but also for the best use of often expensive storage resources. This functionality simultaneously enables the active mode on both cluster nodes. The load can be balanced on both nodes to optimize overall cluster performance. When compared to other available solutions on the market, Open-E delivers a product which fully addresses complicated requirements related to data storage configurations and at the same time simplifies them for the storage administrator.

In the new Open-E DSS V7, customers will experience improved efficiency and simplicity of communication with users. The programmers made many changes in the GUI (Graphical User Interface), including adding helpful status icons. Radical simplification of the basic iSCSI failover configuration has made working with the software even more comfortable and can be easily navigated by administrators. Additionally, as multiple core CPUs and multiple socket motherboards are used more often in storage systems, Open-E’s engineers increased the number of supported CPUs.

Open-E software already performs well in many applications dedicated for cloud. Long discussed and carefully planned changes in the software architecture will soon make storage for cloud environments perform even better. As the IT Industry migrates to the 64-bit architecture, the company’s developers also focused more on increasing system performance and achieving a higher level of compatibility with the newest hardware and software components in Open-E DSS V7.

With the new software version, Open-E decided to further enhance their support policy. All newly purchased software licenses will now include free Basic Support for one year. Software licenses can be upgraded to enhanced support levels, such as Standard or Premium. Each support product is now available on an annual or 3 year basis. Additionally, Open-E introduced 24/7 Support to meet the very strong demand from enterprise and global companies.

Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president of Open-E is proud to present the new software version to the public: “Developing Open-E DSS V7 took the longest period in the history of our company. But, the two year delay in delivering new features was given up deliberately. We used this time to rework our software fundaments and to make sure that adding more and more new functionalities, quality and stability of our storage software will remain and meet the highest expectations of the market. Active-Active Failover is the functionality which starts a new era for Open-E Data Storage Software.”

All information about Open-E DSS V7 can be found on the company’s website


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