VersionOne Announces Winter '09 Release

Multi-dimensional Project Views, One-click Shortcuts & New Tool Integrations Highlighted

ATLANTA, GA – VersionOne, recognized by Agile practitioners as the leader in agile project management tools, is pleased to announce its V1: Agile Enterprise Winter ’09 release which builds on a history of delivering innovative products and features. Highlights of the Winter ’09 release include multi-dimensional project views, one-click shortcuts and a new set of free open source tool integrations. The new features focus on simplifying the overall user experience by making it easier to access information while providing timesaving shortcuts for every day users.
While V1: Agile Enterprise has always offered users the flexibility to plan, track and report across multiple projects and teams, the Winter ’09 release provides a unique project “rollup” capability which supports user-defined relationships of projects for consolidated planning, tracking and reporting.
The new “Program” filter allows users to define and view a cross section of projects that need to be managed together such as all projects that relate to a particular product suite release, product line or strategic initiative. Through this view, program and product managers can easily plan and manage a single combined “program” backlog versus managing multiple independent project backlogs. Similarly, the “Schedule” filter provides a view of only the projects that share the selected iteration schedule, offering teams working across multiple projects the ability to plan and track their work in a single view.
With one-click shortcuts, users can now execute multiple changes via a single action. The new “Sign Up” shortcut expedites planning by allowing a team member to designate himself as the owner of multiple work items with a single click. The “Quick Close” shortcut speeds the tracking and review processes by giving team members the ability to close one or more work items, including any underlying tasks or tests, in a single step.
Continuing to support customers in their pursuit of best-of-breed application lifecycle management solutions, VersionOne is pleased to announce the availability of a new IDE integration with IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains. The integration gives Java developers the ability to view and update their tasks in VersionOne without leaving the IDE. The integration also supports status and time tracking updates to assets in VersionOne directly from within the IDE. The IntelliJ integration extends VersionOne’s practice of providing all in-house developed tool integrations at no additional cost and as open source software available to teams needing to further customize any integration for their particular environment.
“Our focus with this release was to accelerate a team’s velocity by minimizing the steps involved with day-to-day tasks,” said Robert Holler, VersionOne CEO. “Team members and stakeholders now have even faster and easier ways to access to the information they need to manage and report on their projects.”


Other enhancements in the Winter ’09 release include:

  • A new “Effort Trend Report” which shows the accumulated completed effort over the course of time for an entire project, release, team, program or individual member. This report gives managers a quick view into the cost of work being completed.
  • Integration with CruiseControl is now available for developers working in Java. Similar to the CruiseControl.NET integration released last year, the new integration provides visibility into the stories and defects included in each build.
  • The Visual Studio integration has been updated to support Visual Studio 2008, allowing developers using Visual Studio to view and update their task work without leaving the Visual Studio IDE.
  • The Bugzilla integration has been upgraded to support Bugzilla 3.2, giving a two-way flow of information between VersionOne tools and Bugzilla.
Enhancements to V1: Agile Team
VersionOne’s dedicated application for small, single teams new to agile development, V1: Agile Team, was also updated in this release. The Team edition offers users one-click “Sign Up” and “Quick Close” shortcuts as well as access to all newly released and updated third-party, open source tool integrations. For a limited time, V1: Agile Team is free for one year by visiting

About VersionOne

VersionOne is recognized by Agile practitioners as the leader in agile project management tools. By simplifying the process of planning and tracking agile software projects, we help development teams consistently deliver software faster.

Since 2002, companies such as Adobe, BBC, Siemens, CNN, Disney, Dow Chemical, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Sony, 3M and Business Objects have turned to VersionOne to help provide greater value to their customers. Today more than 10,000 teams and 70,000 users in 50 countries use VersionOne’s agile project management tools to streamline and standardize their agile development efforts.
Whether you’re a small team getting started with agile development or a multi-team, global enterprise, with VersionOne you’ll get the best tools in the industry backed by pioneers in agile project planning and management.