VersionOne Delivers New Product Release

VersionOne, recognized by agile practitioners as the leader in agile management tools, today announced its Summer 2011 product release.

Building on the momentum of its Spring release which featured a streamlined UI, the company’s latest release continues to focus on improving the user experience. Release highlights include more configurable board views, enhancements to Analytics and new email notification capabilities for VersionOne’s collaboration feature Conversations.

The new release improves functionality in several of the most popular areas of the application. For instance, electronic board views are used daily by most team members, so VersionOne invested considerable effort in that area to provide flexible customization options better supporting the needs of teams. In addition, VersionOne evolved its social media-styled collaboration model to provide more engaging team communications. Each of these enhancements provides greater usability and efficiency helping organizations to better adopt and scale agile methods.

Key Highlights:

Customized board views (Kanban/Storyboards, Taskboards and Testboards)
o   Designed to support the way your team works
o   Expanded filters let you quickly control what you see and highlight
o   Configurable swim lanes let you group and manage stories the way you want – by priority, type or even custom attributes (for example Class of Service)
o   Colored visual cues convey richer information without having to open individual stories
Email Notifications for Conversations Keeps Everyone in the Loop
o   Automatically email story owners when conversations occur on their items
o   Receive notifications when people reply to conversation where you have posted
o   Receive notifications when you have been mentioned in a conversation
o   See other people and stories that have been mentioned in conversations
Easier Date-based Reporting
o   Multi-team, multi-project forecast and velocity for teams using differing sprint schedules

Fast Access to Analytic Grid Views

o   Create and save reusable views of your analytics grids
o   Access views created by other team members
The latest release also contains updated integrations for VersionOne’s free, openAgile Platform. The VersionOne application now includes support for the latest version of Atlassian JIRA 4.4, including additional logging controls, and the ability to create stories in VersionOne based on issues in JIRA. The release also includes support for the latest version on Eclipse 3.7. A full list of updated integrations is available in the detailed release notes.

Supporting Quote:

Robert Holler, President and CEO, VersionOne
“The positive response we’ve received to our new UI has been rewarding, and convinced us we’re on the right track. With that in mind, we’ve continued our focus on experiential improvements particularly within the most popular areas of the application. These improvements will make the user experience more enjoyable and efficient, while enhancing team communications and overall usability.”

Supporting Information:
•   Detailed Release Notes – Here
•   VersionOne Release Webinars – Register Here

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VersionOne is recognized by agile practitioners as the leader in agile project management tools. By simplifying the planning and tracking of agile projects, we help teams deliver better software faster. Since 2002, companies such as Adobe, Boeing, bwin, Intuit, Lilly, Lockheed Martin, McKesson, Oppenheimer, Qualcomm, Sabre and Siemens have turned to VersionOne. Today more than 30,000 teams from over 170 countries use VersionOne. Agile Made Easier @

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