Video Content Most Effective says Reality Digital

San Francisco, CA – As one of the most engaging forms of rich media, video content is most effective when it comes to social media campaigns executed across multiple networks, according to Reality Digital, a leading provider of video platform solutions for business purposes.

Video content can be highly effective for marketing, as it can be used across multiple brand communities, ranging from brand-focused networks that are purpose built, to mass communities such as YouTube and Facebook. The success of YouTube illustrates the appeal of video content to the online community, and with the site surpassing over two billion video views per day, the popularity and usage of this medium is clear to see.

With successful social media sites such as Facebook facilitating the integration of video content into its site, there is clearly an audience demand for such materials. Video social media has proved successful thanks to the ‘boom’ in social media users over the past few years, and with the ability to now create facebook page applications with video content incorporated, developers are constantly finding new means by which to appeal to online users through this ever-growing social network.

However, it’s the ability for video content to be implemented across all major platforms which has helped make it such a success. There are no set restrictions on what users can upload as their video content, and as such video content has become one of the most vital forms of rich media.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Video content is now an integral part of most peoples’ daily internet use. The ability to use video content across a range of different platforms means it is accessible by nearly all internet users, thereby increasing exposure. With video content available to so many people, it is clearly an important form of media for businesses to consider utilizing.”

Reality Digital’s Spotlight™ is a customizable social media video platform. Spotlight™ allows the client to share a range of visual and audio media on different sites through embedding a player or digital library into a website. Social elements can also be added, including comments and recommendations, to help increase exposure further.