What Really Keeps IT Security Pros Up at Night

Today eEye Digital Security released the results of a survey of over 1,600 IT administrators, managers and C-level executives about their top security concerns. Most respondents said that high profile malware like Project Aurora and Stuxnet were either small or very small threats to their enterprises. Slightly more were concerned about government or state sponsored hacking. But most still saw this as a low priority.

So what are they actually worried about?

Common, day-to-day malware.

It’s been over two decades since John McAfee founded one of the first anti-virus companies. Why is it that companies still have to worry about malware?

Survey respondents cited various concerns, but a lack of resources and the inability to deal with zero-day vulnerabilities top their concerns.

So if the magic resource faery waved its wand and gave the respondents a 20% budget increase, what would they spend it on? Security reporting and dashboards, patch management and configuration compliance topped their wish lists.