Which Boston VC Partners Have the Most Klout?

In the beginning of May we wrote about how venture capital firms and their employees are leveraging Twitter in an effort to attract talent, brand themselves, expand their reach and visibility, and offer thought leadership — ultimately working to attract deal flow. We then used Klout (a service that has emerged as one of the winners in the online influence scoring space) to rank the online influence of leading venture capital firms in Boston. Several VCs followed up with us after publishing the article, asking us to do the same for individuals within those firms.

We pulled Klout scores for partners, principals, and managing directors (associates: you’re next!) from twenty-two VC firms in the area.

We identified partners within each of these firms who are based in Boston, did our best to search for their respective Twitter accounts, and then inputted these partner Twitter handles into Klout to pull and rank scores. There is definitely room for error in the list below, so please email me (address in my byline ^) if you find any discrepancies, clarifications, or have names to add to the list.

Five members of the OpenView team including Scott Maxwell, Firas Raouf, George Roberts, Adam Marcus and Brian Zimmerman made the list.

Click here are the most influential VC partners, principals and managing directors in Boston on Twitter.