WizIQ Opens Developer Portal and Announces Additional Integrations With Instructure Canvas

WizIQ.com, a web-based education platform, just opened developer.wiziq.com, a portal devoted to the needs of independent software developers who want to integrate web properties with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

WizIQ has supported web services for some time, allowing users to integrate the Virtual Classroom into any website or content management. New RESTful APIs are now fully documented on developer.wiziq.com. WizIQ will be providing more direct support through this site to users looking to leverage these APIs.

WizIQ will also be investing over the next several months in creating turnkey and/or well-documented integrations with such open source learning projects as Instructure Canvas, openLMS, Centre SIS, and openSIS. These solutions will become available on developer.wiziq.com and will complement our existing Moodle module, as well as plugins for proprietary systems.

Instructure Canvas, the recently open-sourced LMS bringing the elegance of Ruby on Rails to the LMS market, will be the first integration target. Instructure and WizIQ have already agreed to cooperate on this development effort to ensure that WizIQ Virtual Classroom works seamlessly with Canvas. A Canvas plugin will be ready by the Fall.

WizIQ is launching similar projects with .LRN, openLMS, Centre SIS, and openSIS, giving users of these systems access to a state-of-the-art virtual classroom platform.

About WizIQ
WizIQ is an online learning and teaching platform that connects educators and students through its Virtual Classroom technology. WizIQ is the only Software as a Service (SaaS)-based Web 2.0 network enabling educators and students to meet online in real time for virtual classes as well as for teaching asynchronously through tutorials and online assessments. WizIQ’s e-learning tools are scalable to meet the needs of universities and major training and teaching organizations.

About Instructure Canvas
The Canvas LMS is hosted in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Instructure has partnered with Amazon Web Services to assure a truly robust, secure global network of servers. Canvas integrates in useful ways with other websites and online services. Facebook, Google Docs, Kaltura online video, LinkedIn, Scribd, and even Twitter, all make appearances in Canvas, and there’s more on the way.