OpenView Leads $8 Million Round for NYC's FieldLens

This morning, FieldLens, a mobile platform for construction management and communication based in New York City, announced an $8 million Series A round of funding led by Boston’s OpenView Venture Partners.

The company has developed an app that helps construction professionals manage job site issues through any mobile device. FieldLens, which OpenView described as “Twitter for the construction site,” allows project teams to connect and collaborate with one another through the company’s unique platform.

In a statement announcing the funding, OpenView Venture Partners founder and senior managing director Scott Maxwell said that OpenView is always looking for B2B software companies that develop innovative solutions for untouched market segments. “That’s why we are excited to partner with FieldLens,” Maxwell said, “a company that’s bringing a game-changing solution to the construction industry — a massive market that’s only beginning to benefit from the efficiencies that come with access to better technology.”

Although headquartered in New York, FieldLens has team members spread throughout New England, including Charlie O’Neil, the company’s vice president of business development who lives in Bedford, N.H.