OpenView Publishes eBook on Outbound B2B Lead Generation

OpenView is pleased to announce the release of its latest eBook, Get More Customers! How to Build an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team that Drives Sales. Targeted at CEOs and heads of sales at expansion-stage technology companies, the eBook outlines how to determine if outbound lead generation is right for your organization, and create and manage outbound lead generation programs that get results.

“Generating high-quality leads is one of the greatest challenges any B2B company faces,” explained Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing Support at OpenView Labs. “Because it’s a particular issue for expansion-stage companies, our latest eBook provides a detailed guide to building successful lead generation teams that help lower costs, reveal market intelligence, and allow you to vet prospects before they move too far along your sales process.”

OpenView’s new eBook was written specifically to help expansion-stage executives:

  •     Understand what outbound lead generation is and why it’s important
  •     Learn the components of a successful outbound lead generation implementation
  •     Improve your outbound approach and process
  •     Explore the various technologies available to sales managers and how to utilize them effectively to manage the outbound lead generation process

In addition to sharing OpenView’s insights from working with its 20 portfolio companies around the country, the eBook is supplemented with ideas and best practices from an array of sales experts, including Brian Carroll, Executive Diretor, Revenue Optimization, MECLABS, and Anneke Seley, CEO and Founder, Reality Works Group.

“Our eBook outlines small but crucial adjustments you can make to increase your team’s productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness,” said McDonald. “It also provides a framework for the many nuances and complexities of building — or improving — a high-functioning outbound lead generation program.”

OpenView’s eBooks support its mission of building great companies by providing expansion-stage companies with the operationally oriented tools and support they need to succeed. The firm’s recent eBooks span a variety of topics, including board optimization, customer segmentation, marketing channel discovery, sales forecasts, competitive messaging, and operating reviews. To find out more, visit

A companion report will be published later in the month examining sales benchmarks that expansion-stage companies can use to build a scalable B2B outbound lead generation program.