Tech Trends
I want to know if there is anyone working to solve the traffic issue in the US, are there any expansion...
by Peter Zotto
Startup Strategy
About Me
  Hi. My name is Jeremy Aber, and I am a Senior Advisor to OpenView Venture Partners. Blogging is new...
by Jeremy Aber
Tech Trends
What is the right time to hire a senior controller?
Building on one of my earlier posts about the importance of "crowning the company", I often find that entrepreneurs of...
by Mark Barry
Tech Trends
Software IPOs in 2009
In my last post, I concluded that there was correlation between SaaS IPOs and raising venture capital, though causality was...
by Vlad Djuric
Startup Strategy
The Times They Are A-Changin
Hello everyone. It is a beautifully crisp autumn day here in Boston. Wherever you are, I hope you are warmer...
by Glenn Michael
Startup Strategy
People want to Talk aka Summer is over
It is finally October, summer has MORE than officially ended. I usually struggle with this time of year (due to...
by Jillian Mirandi
VC Insights
OpenView's Operational Forums
Openview Partners is an Expansion Stage Venture Capital Firm that focuses on providing expansion capital to software companies who already...
by George Roberts
Tech Trends
Sales--The perception of "The End of the Month"
In my experience working as a head of sales and now assisting expansion stage portfolio companies, I have found a consistent theme...
by Brian Zimmerman
Startup Strategy
Empowering individuals to do better
At the core of an Agile organization is the idea of empowering individuals and teams to self-organize around aggressive visions...
by Igor Altman
Startup Strategy
Preserving Aspirations
My last blog posting I discussed the importance of developing corporate aspirations (Mission / Vision / Values). Developing these pieces...
by Kobie Fuller
Startup Strategy
Do you have rhythm?
Do you have rhythm? While I’d like to insert a video of some great dance moves performed by the Venture...
by Elizabeth
Tech Trends
Content Marketing Round-Up
Last week, Boston-based OpenView Venture Partners hosted 9 of its expansion stage portfolio companies at a workshop focused on content...
by Amanda Maksymiw