Product Led Growth Maturity Calculator
There is no doubt about it, product led growth (PLG) is transforming the world of SaaS. Here at OpenView we...
by Ashley Murphy
HR & People
Assess the Maturity of Your Talent Program [Interactive]
People are and will always be the most valuable resource of any business. We talk to thousands of companies every...
by Amanda Walker
Finance & Operations
Strategic Corp Dev Playbook: How to Improve Your Odds of Being Acquired
Special thanks to Kyle Poyar for helping to compile this article and deck. CEOs and executive teams at fast growing software...
by John McCullough
Finance & Operations
Market Sizing Tool
Size your target market. Access the tool now.
by Kyle Poyar
Pricing & Positioning
Predicting the Impact of SaaS Pricing Changes: Free Calculator & 5 Questions to Ask
You’ve done your homework. You’ve segmented your market using customer value, buying process, and cost to serve. You know how...
by Steven Forth
Business Development
Should You Be Building Indirect Sales Channels? [Free Assessment]
When companies consider investing in building and managing indirect sales channels, the hope is typically that aligning with the right...
by Jonathan Crowe