B2B Oscars: Choose the Best Videos of the Year

In the spirit of the Academy Awards we’ve nominated this year’s top B2B video content in three categories. And we’re asking you to choose who goes home with the hardware!

B2B Oscars: Choose the Best B2B Video Content of the Year
Everywhere you look, B2B marketers are finding more creative and effective ways to utilize the hottest form at their disposal — video. But even as the demand for B2B video content is rising, the bar for quality is being raised, as well. These days it takes a special mix of creativity, timing, and know-how to stand out from the pack.
In connection with Oscar season and the upcoming release of OpenView’s “Guide to Creating Award-Winning B2B Video Content,” we have nominated nine incredible videos that have managed to do just that, representing the cream of the past year’s crop in three categories:

  • Best Viral Video
  • Best Explainer Video
  • Best Recruiting Video

It’s up to you to determine the winner in each, so cast your votes below and come back on Monday to see the results. That’s also when we will be releasing our “Quick Start Guide to Online Video Content,” full of the how-to tips and tactics you need to create award-winning videos of your own!

Best Viral Video

Going viral — the white whale of video marketing. There may be no truly fool-proof formula for viral success, but as HubSpot, Instructure, and Grasshopper each demonstrate with the three nominee videos below, the winning mix strikes often delivers a potent punch of humor, unexpectedness, and — as YouTube Trend Manager Kevin Allocca puts it — that special something that calls out for participation.
And it never hurts to ride the waves of other viral videos with a little parody, either. Just make sure you do it early and do it well.
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Best Explainer Video

When your product deals with complex problems and solutions, there’s really no better way to highlight your value proposition and explain what it is you actually do than with 60-90 seconds of creative video. Explainer videos have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason — by some accounts they have been responsible for improving conversion rates by 15 – 50 percent. The three nominees below — from Crazy Egg, AtTask, and Panorama9 — represent the best of the bunch. Cast your vote for your favorite!
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Best Recruiting Video

In the ongoing war for top tech talent, innovative companies are increasingly going beyond the standard job posting. By turning to video, the three nominees — HubSpot, Rackspace, and Twitter (going to have to give us some wiggle room on the B2B designation there) — have proven how successful showcasing your company culture and establishing your employer brand in a fresh and engaging way can be.
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Check back in on Monday, when we’ll officially announce the winners and post our new “Guide to Creating Award-Winning B2B Video Content.”

Who did we leave out?

There were plenty of incredible B2B videos this year — let us know which ones we snubbed in the comments below.

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