The Biggest Content Marketing Misconception Holding You Back

December 2, 2014

The majority of companies are developing more and more content simply for the sake of doing it. Kapost Senior Director of Content Marketing Jesse Noyes explains why missing the bigger picture is holding them back from bigger and better results.

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When you think of content marketing what comes to mind? Blog posts? Ebooks? Someone with glasses quietly typing away in the corner? While those details may be the first that spring to mind, they obviously don’t paint the full picture. The problem, says Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Content Marketing at Kapost, is that many companies unfortunately do more or less stop there, limiting their perspective of content marketing and its strategic role in their organization to a focus on single formats, channels, and a writing/editing skill set.
In fact, that is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding businesses have regarding content marketing today. And in many ways, it’s holding them back.

The Biggest Content Marketing Misconception Holding You Back

Key Takeaways

  • Content marketing isn’t purely a writing and editing skill set. It is actually cross-functional and cross-channel. It requires many different people getting involved and leveraging it to be effective — from creators to distributors and more.
  • Most content today is created simply to fill up particular channel. In fact, this is one of the biggest indicators you’re thinking about content marketing all wrong. You shouldn’t develop content just for the sake of doing it (because you’re in charge of email and you have an email campaign to run, for example). Instead, you should step back and look at the bigger goal and the ultimate value you’re hoping to deliver, then determine the best formats/vehicles for you to do that (which may or may not be via a particular channel like email, at all).
  • Content should be localized and operationalized by the entire marketing team. Because content is cross-channel and cross-functional it should be the center of your marketing strategy. It also needs to be created, distributed, and measured in an organized, repeatable manner.
  • The challenge isn’t creating enough content, it’s creating good content that is consistent, drives value, brings people in, and keeps them engaged. Issues come about when there isn’t a clear line of sight between individual pieces of content and the overall strategy, or worse, when there isn’t an overall strategy in place.

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Senior Director of Marketing

<strong>Jesse Noyes</strong> is the Senior Director of Marketing of <a href="">Upserve</a>. Previously he was the Senior Director of Content Marketing at Kapost. He is an experienced marketing director leading the charge to make the prospect and customer experience enjoyable, rewarding and profitable. Jesse helped transform Eloqua into a leader in marketing automation, with his background and experience in journalism.