Getting Started with Lead Segmentation: A Framework to Get You Up & Running in One Day

May 12, 2017

Is your business scaling so quickly your team can’t handle lead volume? There are certainly worse problems to have, but a failure to properly handle leads likely means you’re missing out on valuable customers. Maybe you think you have a handle on leads, but you’re still using a one-size-fits-all approach. Or perhaps you’ve de-prioritized an entire lead source completely.

Either way, if any of these common scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to implement a lead segmentation program, which can range from the elementary all the way to complex machine learning algorithms. If you’re a startup, you don’t have the time, resources or even the data set for sophisticated lead segmentation. So where should you get started?

Our Startup Guide to Lead Segmentation will get you up and running in just one day! With this framework, you can develop a first-pass at segmentation that will have a material impact on your business. Ready to get started? Follow the deck below. Happy segmenting.

Ashley Minogue

Senior Director of Growth

Ashley is Senior Director of Growth on OpenView's Expansion team. She helps OpenView’s portfolio companies achieve repeatable scale via marketing, sales and pricing strategy optimization. Most frequently, she partners with the portfolio on projects related to improving lead funnel conversion, customer segmentation, sales process, pricing and demand gen. Prior to joining OpenView, Ashley was the Senior Manager of B2B Strategy & Analytics at Her efforts spanned marketing, BDR optimization & funnel analytics to help the B2B business grow by 9x in just a few years. Before, Ashley worked as a consultant for Simon-Kucher & Partners, the global marketing and strategy consulting firm known as the world leader in pricing.