100 Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions

December 18, 2009

Our friends at Junta42 have done a great job compiling the social media and content management marketing predictions from the experts in their recent blog post. Social Media marketing and content management marketing are really picking up steam and my prediction is that companies that build and execute great capabilities in these areas are going to have a real competitive advantage over their competitors.

Just to be clear, it all starts with your customer, where they go for information and conversation, and what content and conversation are interesting to them. From a social perspective, Twitter and Facebook may not be right for many companies, but each target customer set does have one or more communities to participate in. Similarly, mobile might not be a right target device for certain content management marketing approaches and webcasts might not be right content packaging for all target customer sets, but each target customer set does have favored content, favored places, and favored “devices” and it is up to you to figure out what your target customer wants and then deliver it.

Needless to say, at least some of these 100 predictions probably apply to you and your target customers!

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