15 ways to be more productive!

March 10, 2010

Lots of good ideas in Inc. Magazine’s list of 15 ways to be more productive…my friend Bob Compton is #15. There are some good ideas, including:

1. Skipping meetings

2. Keep the team small (the 2 pizza rule)

3. Use the phone more

4. Minimize distractions

5. Always be interviewing (the best way to be productive is to have a great team)

6. Staff on Demand (hire contractors for specific tasks)

7. Prioritize your backlog

8. Use e-mail to document

9. Use Wikis to capture ideas

10. Be extra productive during off-hours

11. Shrink your mental deadlines

12. Exercise

13. Schedule time to focus on the big picture

14. Avoid multitasking

15. Review your productivity at the end of the day

What is your best productivity enhancing idea?

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