9 Pragmatic Tips for Social Media

March 26, 2010

Auren Hoffman, CEO of Rapleaf, leads a really pragmatic webinar recording on building your social media presence (below). We try to gather as many great practices we can on influence marketing (and other business growth strategies) and social media marketing is one of the newer practices that in my view has a lot of promise for companies of all types. My sense is that a lot of the speakers and so-called experts actually don’t have much to say, but Auren’s video gives a really good pragmatic view that rings true to me based upon what we see working with the efforts that we are involved in. I particularly like Auren’s point on e-mail marketing as an important component of social media marketing…it may not be the new practice, but it has been a great tool for lead generation services for a long time and it continues to be the single greatest workhorse in the marketing barn.

Take a look at Auren’s video here:
9 Tips on How To Run (And Not Run) Social Media Campaigns

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