A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

Since I last wrote about Pinterest (see: Should Pinterest be part of your B2B social media strategy?) it seems that the new social networking site has gotten even bigger.  More and more of my connections on Facebook are pinning away — but don’t just take my word for it. Just last week, Mashable released a study showing that Pinterest is driving more traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined.

Yes, you read that right. Combined.

Monetate (an OpenView portfolio company) also released a great infographic showing that Pinterest has become one of the biggest referrers for retailers). With traffic statistics like that, it would be silly for B2B marketers to ignore the virtual pinboard.

Since Pinterest is the talk of the B2B social media town, I wanted to help busy marketers digest all of the blogs that are seemingly written about Pinterest every day.

A Guide to Pinterest for B2B Social Media Marketers

What the Heck?

Pinterest is What YOU Want it to Be – Our friend CC Chapman just published his thoughts on Pinterest. If you are a skeptic, be sure to start here, as CC describes his initial apprehension toward the new social network until he realized the user has complete control.

What is Pinterest? How Can I Make the Most of it? – The team at Lady and the Blog tackled the question in the fall of last year.  This is a great intro post to learn about Pinterest and the basics.

Building the Business Case

Should Marketers be Pinterested? – Corey O’Loughlin of MarketingProfs recently wrote about her company’s experience in getting started with Pinterest by specifying the goals, how to measure success, the manager of the account, and the added value by participating.  Consider using this framework when planning your Pinterest strategy.

Getting Started

Pinterest: The Ultimate Guide – The Inspiration Lady has put together a great soup to nuts guide on using Pinterest. This post includes information on getting set up, adding the “Pin It” button to your site, and finding others on Pinterest.

B2B Best Practices

How and Why to Use Pinterest for Business – John Jantsch offers 5 tips to B2B marketers interested in Pinterst. Step 1 Create, Step 2 Search, Step 3 Pin, Step 4 Invite, Step 5 Engage.

Should You Use Pinterest in Your B2B Social Media Strategy? – Last month I shared my thoughts on why it makes sense for B2B marketers to start pinning.  In short, do it for SEO, content distribution, inbound links, and engagement.

To Pinterest, A Love Letter – Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media recently professed her love of Pinterest.  In this post, she offers great examples showing businesses that they can use Pinterest to connect and engage with their audience on a new level.  Instead of just posting pictures of your products or sharing your content, Barone encourages businesses to pin “stuff that shows what you are about” and “cut the crap.” Love it and love her.

Examples of Brands/Companies on Pinterest

Note: I know this list includes B2C companies, but don’t overlook them as examples of the potential of Pinterest. 

So take a cue from these experts and get pinning!

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