A Blueprint for a Competent Product Launch

August 18, 2010

The first step in a product launch doesn’t directly involve the product, oddly enough.

Market research is actually the first task you should undertake. You then use your findings to position your product, properly, within its optimal market. Yahoo Answers, Google groups and Amazon’s product reviews are great places to do your research, find your customer’s emotional cues and sync up your product with them.

Finding what drives your customer is going to simplify your product launch tenfold. Customers will flock to your product because they’re emotionally compelled to. If you’re selling a weight-loss product and you believe your audience is self-conscious, tell them that losing weight will do wonders for their self-image. It’s a radical thought.

Now you’ve taken these steps to position your product, but what about actual sales? If you’ve planned correctly, your product should be welcomed with open arms. Sales will become a byproduct of your planning and execution.