How AtTask is Reshaping the Industry, Part 1

Scott Johnson, CEO of AtTask software, discusses the vision behind his company in this video, the first in a four-part series. He details the shortcomings of enterprise software and how his company attempts to tackle these issues. AtTask aims to overcome hurdles in the industry by taking a social element approach to enterprise software. AtTask, according to Johnson, reduces the friction when a software company has a rollout, among other things.

In discussing his company’s benefits, Johnson concludes that the return is in the execution. His product is a tool that is aligned with users’ goals. In turn, it gives users better value, and allows them to succeed in their undertakings.

When people use AtTask, Johnson believes that there is a strong sense of usability. There is more than number-crunching going on. There is an additional human element that isn’t in other, similar types of software.

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